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Questions - Comments - Concerns

At NorthCoast Showtime, we value open communication and constructive feedback as essential components of our program. We ask that all parents adhere to our policy regarding concerns and complaints, which requires a 24-hour waiting period post-game before contacting coaches or directors. This period allows for emotions to settle and for a more productive discussion to take place. In the event of an issue, we encourage our athletes to take the initiative and directly communicate with their coaches as the first step. If further discussion is needed, Step 2 involves a meeting between players, parents, and coaches to address concerns and explore potential solutions. For more complex matters, Step 3 entails a meeting with Directors and all concerned parties to ensure a thorough understanding of the situation and to work towards a resolution that aligns with our program's values of teamwork, respect, and growth.


We believe that by following this process, we can foster a positive and supportive environment where everyone feels heard and valued.

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